Unit 9 & 21 – Research – Website – Big Local Functional Requirements DRAFT

Note/Context: Although the draft of the functional requirements document is based on the analysis of the existing website, the final document will instead be based on the development of the solution. Although there are areas within they drag that are about previously covered topics, this blog post acts as a record (as well as easy access without relying on storage hardware).



With the current purpose of the website involves the displaying of information about Big Local NE Hastings in terms of their history, what they are, and what they have done. Other areas of information that is displayed to the user is with the different areas that are part of BL in some way, as well as some other smaller areas involved with information about the organization themselves and how to contact them. With the inclusion of a blog feature. 




  • Unresponsive design – affects the website when in view through a smartphone device instead is rather static making all of the website elements smaller than normal.
  • Inconsistent Social Media – information stored on the social media about scheduling/volunteering. There is information about particular events planned for a particular time and date, with the social media providing the information necessary in order to attend, whereas the website does have some of the events listed in the blog calendar are more limited with very limited information outside of time and dates.
  • Map – the use absence of having of interactive map functionality limits how a user is meant to locate a place through the website, requiring the user to utilise another page for google maps.
  • Login – the current login features does not allow the user to easily create an account, there is no reason to create an account for the website making it pointless as there is no emphasis on the feature. Although there is no requirement of using a personal Email with an account, the use of passwords require the browser to save information as a cookie.
  • Navigation – with the navigation bar present at the top of the website pages, there are many different areas of the website that utilise additional areas. These areas often qualify to be put into other areas of the website, as well as the use of sub-menus make information not stand out despite potential importance.

Functional Requirements

Login Function, Site Map, Navigation Bar, Sub-Menu, Search Bar, Social Media Links, Download Attachments, Contact Us Form, Embedded Hyperlinks, Header Title, Navigation, Map.

Non-Functional Requirements

Responsive Design, Portability, Performance, Download Attachments, Embedded Hyperlinks, Logo.

Required Responsive Design

New Questions

Social Media – Why is there a difference in information between the website and the social media’s? (Twitter, Facebook).

Blog – Would you want a different system for navigating the blog?

Logo – Is there a reason behind having the logo separate from the website? (Present in documentation/social media).

Banner – Possibly have a scrolling gallery in place of the central image? (Consider copyright).

Site Map – Do you want a site map?

Social Media – Would you want the use of Social Media imagery to be present in the website?

Current Features w/ Suggestions

  • Blog – Function
  • Social Media, Twitter/Facebook – Feature
  • Login – Function
  • Navigation – Function
  • Responsive Design – Feature – Suggestion
  • Banner/Central Image – Feature – Suggestion 
  • Search Bar – Feature/Function
  • Sub-Menu – Feature
  • Site Map – Feature – Suggestion
  • Map – Feature – Suggestion
  • Login – Feature – Prevalence (Suggestion)
  • Social Media Images – Feature – Suggestion