Components of Web Design 4 – Position, Structure, and Purpose of a Navigation Bar – U21-P1

An interactive form of navigation that is used within webpages in order to contain external links to other areas of the website, the navigation bar itself is a very important element of a standard website even to the point with a lot of website development tools the navigation bar is included automatically. It serves a similar function to the Hyperlinks, the main difference being that the navigation bar is where the links can be stored for ease of access, whereas with just Hyperlinks on their own they can be strewed across a web page without any form of organisation which could hinder a web page depending on what the content of the page is.

Example of scrolling Sidebar navigation bar (

There are different methods in which to display the navigation bar with there being some methods being more popular than others. The first popular one is called the static sidebar which quite popular as with it being stuck on the side of a webpage it allows for multiple links to be contained within a small area, with it being static as apposed to being a scrolling sidebar means that if the web page was scrolled down the sidebar would continue to follow down the page as well. Another type of navigation bar is the dropdown menus which are often seen with website marketplaces that are needed to provide plenty of available options for navigation in order to allow the customer to find the wanted product.

Example of a Dropdown menu navigation bar (