Unit 9 - Research - Development Methodologies

Unit 9 – Development Methodologies – Incremental – U9-M1

The Incremental method involves the use of small ‘increments’ where a piece of the final product/system is developed completely before moving on to the next area. Within these increments they utilise a similar process to the Agile method where different pieces are developed and compiled to create the finished system. Another similarity is with the … Read more

Unit 9 – Development Methodologies – Spiral – U9-M1

The Spiral development model as the name implies involves a development process where it seamlessly will go around in a spiral until development is complete. The Spiral model was first defined my a Mr Barry Boehm in a 1988 article created by himself which discussed elements that are also seen within the Iterative development model … Read more

Unit 9 – Development Methodologies – Agile (Scrum) – U9-M1

Agile is a group of flexible product development methods which utilise similar methods and techniques that allow them to be classified under the same name. The main aspect that allows them to be uniquely identified is them being based on the iterative development method. The origins of the Agile method group date back to the … Read more

Unit 9 – Development Methodologies – Waterfall – U9-M1

The Waterfall method is a version of the development life cycle which is used primarily in both the product development and software engineering industries. What makes it unique in comparison to other methodologies used within product development is that the method is quite restrictive, with there being a higher amount of rigidity than the alternatives. … Read more