Unit 21 Research - Web Components


Components of Web Design 3 – Use of Hyperlinks to Join Webpages – U21-P1

A hyperlink is a type of link between pages on a website and beyond, that allow for the navigation to another area of the website. Hyperlinks are able to utilised in different formats with the common uses being to navigate to a place that is very similar to what the hyperlink is. Word hyperlinks are … Read more

Components of Web Design 2 – Purpose of a Site Map – U21-P1

The site map is a model utilised to allow for easier navigation when a user is accessing a websites content/information. A majority of site maps are created using a hierarchial approach, meaning that the content contained within it is organised by differences in content such as the topic of an area or the areas of … Read more

Components of Web Design 1 – Domain Name – U21-P1

A Domain Name is the unique identifier used for all websites on the internet, these domain serve as the address for the website. The central area of the domain is the varied segment of a website, the consistency comes with how every website utilises some form of suffix within their domain name (.com, .net, .org). … Read more