Unit 21 - Research


Unit 9 & 21 – Research – Website – Big Local Functional Requirements DRAFT

Note/Context: Although the draft of the functional requirements document is based on the analysis of the existing website, the final document will instead be based on the development of the solution. Although there are areas within they drag that are about previously covered topics, this blog post acts as a record (as well as easy … Read more

Components of Web Design 12 – Security Threats – U21-M1

With how the internet is continuously striving forwards in terms of creating advancements that allow for new ways for the platform to be utilised for the benefit of the population (although they vary in usefulness). This also means that with the internet as of now there are groups/individuals who are out there how have developed … Read more

Components of Web Design 11 – Needs/Reasons for Security – U21-M1

The need for security on your website will vary depending on what content your website will contain as a website that is an E-commerce site would require much more security than a Wikipedia page about the Kingdom of Scotland. However a level of security would still be required in the Wikipedia example as the website … Read more

Components of Web Design 10 – Methods of User Interaction – U21-P1

Methods of Interactivity When it comes to the different types of interactivity that websites are able to perform the list is quite varied (in a similar fashion to almost any other platform). However despite all of the potential uses that the different types have to offer in some capacity, there must be a balance of … Read more

Components of Web Design 9 – Storage of Data – U21-P1

There are different methods available for which a website utilise within their system in order to save valuable information about a particular object/person, with the different methods and the ways in which they vary from each other they all have some sort of contribution available to a website owner (depending on the scenario). Starting off … Read more

Components of Web Design 8 – Open & Closed Standards in Web Development – U21-P1

Open standards are the web standards which are available to the general public and are’t owned by an organisation, as they are free to be used by anyone they are often adaptable to meet the specific needs of the user. Although Open standards are often times created as a collaborative effort between multiple people/parties, the … Read more

Components of Web Design 7 – World Wide Web Consortium – U21-P1

The World Wide Web Consortium (otherwise known as W3C) is an International community that is comprised of both public and private organisations which within them contain varying staff that work towards the development of standards to be used on the World Wide Web. Their goal is to guide the Web towards its greatest and fullest … Read more