Unit 9 & 21 – Research – Website – Big Local Functional Requirements DRAFT

Note/Context: Although the draft of the functional requirements document is based on the analysis of the existing website, the final document will instead be based on the development of the solution. Although there are areas within they drag that are about previously covered topics, this blog post acts as a record (as well as easy … Read more

Unit 21 – research – Website – Missing Components

Site Map: When analysing the website for any potential areas that could be added or modified, there was the requirement to view all of the pages within the website in order the determine what was already good versus what could be done during development. When viewing through the website it was noted. that hone attempting … Read more

Unit 9 – Constraints – Regulation – D1

With any area of IT that involves the use of any materials both external and internal, there is the legal and contractual regulations which can be associated with a website project. With regards to legal this can apply to many different areas that contribute to the usability of a website, as well as the information … Read more

Unit 9 – Constraints – Need for Compromise – D1

There are multiple reasons that can drive compromise within website development, of which can be used to sway the direction of a development project. Starting is with the why, as in why is it that compromise occurs when developing a website?. This could be taken multiple ways, for example the scope of the website during … Read more

Unit 9 – Constraints – Standards – U9-D1

A standard itself is often perceived as an overall agreed method/way of doing of something within a particular industry and or aspect of something (ranging greatly). Within the context of IT there is a wide variety that vary depending on the area of focus, for example within a website there would be the consideration of … Read more

Unit 9 – Constraints – Standard Organisations – U9-D1

Starting off with what it is, a Standard Organisation is of course a type organisation that create, and then implement different standards that are to be used within different industries ranging from IT to construction. For context within IT this accounts for all aspects of IT with networking which includes not only the physical hardware … Read more

Unit 9 – Constraints – Social – U9-D1

Although the title for this section might inherently refer to social media, especially since that is considered a significant element within what is ‘social’ to web development as well as other area of IT (software, applications development). This however is not the case as we are instead referring to more personal social factors that are … Read more

Unit 9 – Constraints – Financial – U9-D1

For the financial or budgetary side of a project there is a level of unpredictability that whilst not entirely underlying holds significance to the outcome of different areas that contribute greatly for the end result of the project. The financial side is so important that it is able to provide relatively crucial examples of causation … Read more

Unit 9 – Constraints – Time – U9-D1

For us currently living in the now to which we call reality there are a series of events and outcomes that we are able to accurately predict what the end result will be with consideration for external variables. Time in the context of web development (or any other form of development) is a unique exception … Read more